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Red Sand Awareness Campaign

The Red Sand Prayer Service is a human trafficking awareness campaign supported by IWIN.

Participants read aloud a short prayer service and then fill sidewalk cracks with red sand, creating sidewalk art. 


The red sand symbolizes that we cannot walk over the most marginalized people in our communities – those who fall through the metaphoric cracks.  To IWIN, the red sand also represents Jesus’ blood poured out for all of God’s children. 

Did you know?

Over 90% of survivors of human trafficking in Canada are Canadian born and are female.

IMG_5875 (1).jpg

How we spread awareness

Pictures of the sidewalk transformations are posted on social media using #RedSand Project and #iwin_calgary.

Your Participation

If you would like to participate in a Red Sand Prayer Service, please contact IWIN at  We will provide you with a prayer service to read out loud with your participants and the red sand to form your sidewalk art.

Where it originated!

The Red Sand Project originated in Florida.  To learn more visit

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