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IWIN Backpacks

IWIN provides backpacks to survivors of human trafficking who are entering a wrap-around program to support them emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

The backpacks, containing all brand new items, include a change of clothes, toiletry items, a journal, a handwritten card of encouragement and a bracelet.  A matching bracelet is given to the volunteer prayer warrior to support the survivor through prayer.  

IWIN has formed relationships with the Catholic Women’s League and police services to facilitate our initiative.  The Catholic Women’s League is the largest women’s organization in Canada, with thousands of members across our country.  IWIN is a perfect fit under all three pillars of the Catholic Women’s League: Faith, Service and Social Justice.  Working with both the Catholic Women’s League and police services, we can ensure that an effective and consistent quality of program is offered everywhere.

IWIN backpacks are distributed through agencies that provide wrap-around programming to survivors entering their program.  Due to the sensitivity surrounding human trafficking, the requirements of the distribution agencies, and the very stringent standards and procedures that must be followed when providing items to survivors, IWIN oversees the assembly of all backpacks.  We do, however, host assembly days, where others can assist in the assembly of the backpacks and learn more about IWIN and human trafficking.  


“I had the clothes I was wearing, jeans and a t-shirt. I had been wearing them for 3 days and having new clothes to change into meant so much.  There were a lot of negative vibes attached to my old clothes. I can’t put into words how much it meant to have something to change into. I cried when I read the card, and wore the bracelet on my ankle for 3 straight months.  It’s now hanging on my wall.” 
(IWIN Backpack Recipient)

IWIN is expanding our program to locations across Canada.
Current distribution points include:


RESET Society of Calgary in Calgary, AB

CEASE (The Centre To End All Sexual Exploitation) in
Edmonton, AB


Hope Restored Canada in Saskatoon, SK


Dignity House in Manitoba


Elora House in Ontario


BridgeNorth in Ontario

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