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IWIN Signature Bracelet

IWIN Signature Bracelet

Each bracelet is $20 with free shipping!


Please order through this google form: Click here


This bracelet fits an average size wrist and is strung on high quality stretch cord to easily slip on and off any wrist!


By buying an IWIN bracelet you are supporting IWIN and our initiatives. IWIN supports survivors of human trafficking, in Canada, as they embark on their journey of recovery. Your purchase will also assist IWIN in their efforts to raise awareness & promote conversations about this difficult topic. When you wear this bracelet we hope you remember all of those affected by human trafficking.


With this simple act YOU are making a difference!


Bracelet Details:

The black beads on this bracelet are made from lava rock which is known for being a grounding stone and represents renewal. The red beads are made from bamboo coral and represent supporting friendships, groups and communities and is known to give motivation for the energetic pursuit of ambitions and goals.

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